Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program

What are the goals of the program?

The goals of Nobody's Perfect are to:

  • increase parents' knowledge and understanding of their children's health, safety, and behaviour
  • effect positive change in the behaviour of parents in relation to their children's health, safety, and behaviour
  • improve parents' confidence and self-image
  • improve participants' coping skills as parents
  • increase self-help and mutual support among parents

What is the nature of the program?

The program is based on a learner-centred model in which the parents who attend decide what they would like to discuss.  They learn from each other by discussing real-life problems and situations and how to deal with them.  The leaders are there to facilitate the learning rather than as instructors, and the development of friendships and support systems is fostered.

Sessions are usually co-facilitated by two trained facilitators.  Sessions are two hours in length and offered weekly, over six to eight weeks.  Transportation, child care, and snacks are generally provided by the agency, and a variety of easy-to-read resource materials are provided to parents at no cost.

For more information about the program - Call COMMUNITY BRIDGE at 250-785-6021 Ext 265 or email

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