Women's Counselling Program

Location: Fort St. John

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for women who have experienced any form of sexual assault, abuse in relationships, childhood abuse and/or childhood violence.

What Services Are Provided?

  • Individual & Group Counselling
  • Support Groups & Referral Services

What is Relationship Abuse?

The easiest forms of abuse for us to recognize are physical and sexual abuse; however, women can be abused in other ways that can be just as frightening and damaging to their sense of self.  Examples of other abusive behaviors are: 

  • Using threats and intimidation: making or carrying out threats to do something to hurt you; making you afraid by using looks, actions, gestures, smashing things, abusing pets, displaying weapons.
  • Using emotional abuse: putting you down; making you feel bad about yourself; humiliating you.
  • Using isolation: controlling what you do, who you see and talk to, what you read, where you go; using jealousy to justify actions.
  • Minimizing, denying and blaming: saying you are responsible for the abuse; making light of the abuse and not taking your concerns about it seriously.
  • Using the children: saying he will take the children if you leave.
  • Using male privilege: treating you like a servant; acting like the “master of the castle”.
  • Using economic abuse: preventing you from getting or keeping a job; making you ask for money; taking your pay cheque; withholding money from you so that you have no food or cannot get necessary medical treatment.

No one deserves to be abused!

The Effects of Abuse

If you have been a victim of abuse you may be feeling:

  • Isolated; separated from family and friends.
  • Shame; unable to talk with others about what is happening in your life or home.
  • Depressed; unable to sleep, eat or function as you normally would.
  • Helpless; the situation is out of control.
  • Fearful for yourself or children.
  • As though what is happening is your fault.


For further information or to access this program, contact the Women's Counsellor.


The Women's Counselling Program is offered through:

Community Bridge
10142 - 101st Avenue,
Fort St. John, BC

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This program has been made possible through assistance from the British Columbia Ministry of Justice.

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